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Best Treatment for

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Valve Diseases Of Heart

Dhage Healthcare’s Ayurvedic Care and Treatment for Heart Disease

Dhage Healthcare Cardio-Protective Ayurved Center is wellknown in ayurvedic treatments for heart diseases like blockage & valves disease. We provide heart care with Ayurvedic treatment to manage all types of valve disease of heart problems naturally without operation and any side effects.

Mitral Stenosis / Aortic Stenosis

Valve Regurgitation

Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction

Mitral Valve Prolapse

Natural Bypass Therapy

Atrial Septal Defect / Ventricular Septal Defect


Who visits Dhage healthcare Patients of heart disease.

1. Patients who wants ayurvedic treatment for Heart Blockages.
2. Patients who wants ayurvedic treatment for Valve Diseases.
3. Patients who wants ayurvedic treatment for ASD/ VSD (Hole at Heart Septum).
4. Patients who wants ayurvedic treatment after Angioplasty and Bypass Surgery.
5. Patients who wants ayurvedic treatment after Valvoplasty, Valvotomy, and Valve replacement.
6. Patients who cannot afford the highly expensive surgeries and medical procedures.
7. Patients that cannot be operated upon due to the Age factor (any other reason due to which the doctors are not able to operate).


Years Of Experience

30+ years of experience .


Patient Treatment

More than 5000 patient we have recovered from heart disease through the Ayurved treatment.

Suffering from Heart Blockages?

Avoid Heart Surgery using Natural Bypass Therapy / Treatment in India – Pune

In the stressful life that we lead today, life-threatening ailments like Heart Diseases, Arterial Blockages, and chronic Heart Problems have become a household issue. The treatment that almost all patients have to undergo involves risk and often times the patients are not financially backed to be able to go for it.

Realizing these problems, we felt the dire need to put in extensive research and come up with a remedy that is scientific and 100% natural yet does not involve any surgery. At Dhage Healthcare Cardio Protective Ayurved Center, we are proficient at curing Heart Diseases and Heart Blockages by a completely natural method called Natural Bypass Therapy (NBT).

In NBT, we work towards improving the flow of blood towards the heart by unblocking thousands of small & un-grown arteries/ capillaries which are already present in the human heart. Using proprietary and researched medicines from the natural ingredients and ancient Ayurveda methods, we have treated a number of patients who were looking for an alternative to the surgeon’s scalpel or were not prepared financially to deal with the high expenses of a bypass surgery.

NBT is being adopted in countries like China and the US with the former almost replacing bypass surgery and other treatments like angioplasty.

Best Ayurvedic Heart Specialist Doctor For Heart Disease, Heart Valve Disease, Blockage Of Heart

Dhage Healthcare provides natural way to a healthy heart, gives ayurvedic treatment for any kind of heart disease, blockage without surgery or operation in Pune, India

The Human Heart have four types of valves:

Mitral Valve

Aortic Valve

Tricuspid Valve

Pulmonary Valve

Heart Valve Diseases











Symptoms of a heart valve disease

  • Doe-dyspnea on exertion (Breathlessness)
  • Palpitation, occasionally chest pain
  • Sweating, semi-unconsciousness
  • Dry-coughing
  • Increased hearth rate (Normal 72/min)
  • Increased blood pressure (Normal 120/80)

Investigation/ Radiological Report

  • Internal Dimension such as
  • Left ventricular internal dimension at the time of systolic and at the time of diastolic beating
  • Left ventricular posterior wall thickness at the time of systolic & diastolic beating
  • 2D Echo also gives us other important things such as
  • Valve area in sqcm.
  • Valve Peak  & mean gradient (each Valve has different gradient)

Preventive Cardiology Center

Another major advantage of this therapy is that it does not require any hospitalization or any leave from regular work. The postoperative side effects and invasive surgery is also totally absent.

Read further to know how we have helped a number of patients deal with.

What people say?

Had been at Dhage Healthcare for a pre consultation on heart health. Dr Santosh Subhash Dhage has been very supportive and given all relevant information in regards to heart health. Had reached out to him for breathlessness and constant sweating am glad he has personally handled my case and I feel much releaved after a full course treatment. A big thanks to Dr. Dhage and his staff.
Abhay Raina
Dhage HealthCare is very good ayurvedic center for heart diseases.and also Dr. Santosh dhage is expert to treat for valve diseases of heart. I am fully satisfied for treatment. And clinic staff very competitive.
Rajkumar Sahu