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All over the world, cardiovascular diseases are a major cause of concern. The stressful life and the lifestyle choices that we make often seem to be the primary cause of these diseases. The statistics released by WHO (World Health Organization) do not show an encouraging picture.

Annually, 80 lakh young people (under 40 years) are affected by Heart attacks in India. W.H.O. (World Health Organization) released a study that in the coming years India will be identified as a ‘Heart Patients Country ’.
This is definitely not how we want them to define and identify India as.

Ayurvedic Medicine Treatment Using Natural Remedy for Heart Ailments and Diseases.

To counter this, we can take help from Ayurvedic medicine. Using Dhage Healthcare’s Ayurvedic Heart Treatment which is known as Ayurvedic Natural Bypass Therapy, invented by Ayurvedic Cardiologist Dr. Santosh Dhage.

Causes of Heart Blockages:

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in the cell membrane. It plays a role in producing certain hormones and vitamin D, as well as protecting the cell membrane and nerve endings. Additionally, cholesterol helps enhance the cell membrane’s semi-permeability.

Cholesterol is a vital element required for the proper functioning of the human body.

What is the issue with cholesterol?
Every substance in our body serves a purpose. This is why they exist within us. If not utilized, they would not exist in the first instance. Cholesterol and sugar both supply energy to our body.

Excessive amounts of cholesterol and sugar can be harmful. Tissues use cholesterol to produce energy, and then the excess cholesterol is released into the bloodstream. When there is unused cholesterol along with cholesterol that has been utilized, they can interact. If a patient has diabetes and high sugar levels, this interaction occurs at a faster rate, putting diabetic patients at an even higher risk compared to those with normal sugar levels.

The interaction creates a harmful substance in the blood known as toxicity, end products, or free radicals. This toxicity does not contribute to the normal functioning of our bodies and is deposited in the coronary arteries, leading to blockages.

Why blockages are frequently discovered in coronary arteries?

Cholesterol fuels the heart, causing it to attract cholesterol towards itself. This leads to toxicity in the muscles of the heart, resulting in blockages commonly found in the coronary arteries surrounding the heart.

Case Studies:

Angiography of Mr. Sandesh Pawar, Mahad, age 48 yrs old

Angiography was performed on a 48-year-old man named Sandesh Pawar from Mahad, The procedure revealed that he had 15 blockages,And was Advised Urgent Bypass Surgery, But He Was To Avoid Open Heart Operation.

So He Came To Dhage Healthcare For Ayurvedic Treatment For Non-Surgical Treatment Known As Natural Bypass Therapy. He Was Unable To Walk 100 Feets Due To Chest Pain , Chest Congesstion,Difficult To Breath.

He Started Dhage Healthcares Ayurvedic Treatment, After few Months Treatment He Becomes Symptomless, Now He can Walk As He Wants With Respect To His Age.