Natural Bypass Therapy

Ayurvedic Treatment for Heart Disease and Blockage Using Natural Herbs From Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Clinic Specializing in Natural Bypass Therapy and Treatment.

Achieve a Healthy Heart Naturally: Ayurvedic Natural Bypass Treatment for Heart Disease Without Surgery.

Dr. Santosh Dhage from Pune, India, has created Natural Bypass Treatment and Therapy (NBT), a non-invasive alternative to bypass surgery. Choosing this nonsurgical approach offers various benefits. NBT uses natural ayurvedic heart medications to boost blood flow to the heart, leading to enhanced cardiac function. This affordable technique aims to enhance blood circulation to activate the numerous small arteries in the heart that may not be functioning optimally. By stimulating these arteries, NBT helps the smooth flow of blood, promoting heart health overall.

Heart Attack ! Heart Blockages !!

The increasing number of heart and cardiovascular diseases among the Indian population is a major issue. In India, one person dies from a heart attack every minute. It used to be rare and shocking to hear about someone dying from a heart attack at a young age of 20 years. However, nowadays, the occurrence of young patients with severe heart conditions that can be fatal no longer surprises us as much.


Symptoms onset, duration, and severity differ among patients. Some rely on medications like Sorbitrate, while others experience difficulty walking short distances due to stable Angina. Following treatment at our cardio protective ayurvedic clinic, patients can now live a normal life and walk without any symptoms. This showcases the effectiveness of natural treatment.

• Congestion in the chest
• Congestion in the neck
• Congestion in the throat
• Shortness of breath during physical activity
• Excessive sweating
• Dizziness
• Pain in the chest

• Chest pain accompanied by back pain
• Pain in the shoulders andarms on the right or left side
• Headaches
• Heartburn
• Abdominal fullness
• Severe acidity and other symptoms

Research On Natural Bypass

The natural bypass aims to enhance blood flow to the heart, with NBT playing a crucial role in this process.

Affordable Noninvasive Natural Bypass Therapy: A Valuable Contribution to Global Health.

The heart is a vital organ with thousands of capillaries situated on its surface. While initially in seed form, these capillaries have the potential to develop into fully grown, functional arteries through a process known as sprouting. This occurs when conditions like the interaction between endothelial and smooth muscles trigger the opening of these capillaries, creating an alternative pathway for blood flow.

Noninvasive Treatment with Ayurvedic Medicines​

Ayurvedic treatment is based on the patient’s condition and specific symptoms, resulting in varying medicines for each individual.
Below are some frequently used medications.

1. Maka, Padmakasht, Deodar, Rasna, Sariva, Duralabha, Shati, Haritaki, Arjuna, Daruharidra are all available in Choorna (powder) form.
2. Hridyarnava Ras and Bhrihatwatchintamani Ras, along with Vasantkusumar.
3. Bhallatakasav, Parthadyarishtha.
4. Dashmularishtha.
5. Poonarnavadi Tail, and Dhanwantaram Tailam are recommended for Sarwang Snehan, Basti, and Hriday Basti.

Treatment Achievements:​

1) Dhage Healthcare’s NBT poses no risks.
2) Dhage Healthcare’s NBT enhances heart function, heart efficiency, and heart endurance capacity.

Important Characteristics Of This Therapy:

1) Dhage Healthcare’s NBT carries no risks.
2) NBT is recognized for enhancing the heart’s functional capacity, performance, and exercise tolerance.

Affordable Alternative for Bypass Therapy:


NBT offers a cost-effective alternative to bypass therapy, the most frequently recommended treatment for heart blockages and heart diseases. NBT provides patients with symptomatic relief without any associated risks. It underscores the effectiveness of our science, tradition, and culture in promoting a healthy heart and longevity.