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Dr. Santosh Dhage:
Best Ayurvedic Doctor For
Heart Diseases From India

Renowned for his skill in addressing heart valve disease using natural ayurvedic herbs and medicine at Dhage Healthcare Ayurved Center - Clinic India


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He established his Rejuvenation & Ayurvedic Treatment Center in Pune and Chiplun, Maharashtra in 1995, along with the 'Natural Bypass Therapy' (NBT) center in the same locations. This therapy enhances natural blood flow to treat heart blockages without surgical intervention.


Awards & Achievements

Sakal News Paper's "IDOLS of Maharashtra" in 2023 ,Was Awarded a silver medal for the best research paper presentation at an international conference held in Nepal in 2018.Additionally, the author received the 'Uttam Chikitsa' National Award ”twice” from the 'Ayurved Seva Sangh' organization in Nasik, in 2008 and 2013.In 2012, the author was honored with the 'Panacea International Excellency Award' in Colombo for their achievements in non-surgical treatments for heart blockages.



The "Ayurved Update" magazine published research articles on arthritis. The research focused on Natural Bypass Therapy (NBT), a method that aims to treat heart blockages by enhancing blood flow without the need for surgery. This research was recognized at the Vishwa Ayurveda Parishad event in Colombo in 2012.

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Dr. Santosh Dhage’s Special Ayurvedic Treatment
for Heart Diseases

To be one of the most professional healthcare treatment center for cardiovascular diseases in the country providing noninvasive and nonsurgical ayurvedic treatments to achieve improvement in the patients that we treat.

Dr. Santosh Dhage: Best ayurvedic heart doctor from India, Pune for treatment of valve diseases of heart.

With a post-graduation degree in Ayurvedic medicine, Dr. Santosh Dhage wellknown in public as ayurvedic heart specialist, decided to explore ayurvedic treatments for heart valve diseases, one of the most complicated disease in India and around the world. Most of those were preventable. In India as well, the statistics are mind-boggling. Wellknown in public as ayurvedic cardiologist Dr. Santosh Dhage was concerned about these numbers.

His education and thirst for knowledge in the ancient treatment of Ayurveda prompted him to design specific treatments for ayurvedic treatment for valve disease which is one of the unique offerings of the ayurvedic therapy center.

Achievements of

Dr. Santosh Dhage

  • IDOLS of Maharashtra by Sakal News Paper in 2022
  • Gold Medal Award 2021 for outstanding individual achievement, prolonged contribution & propagation of Ayurvedic Cardiology Research by International Vanoushadhi Vidyapeeth.
  • In 2018 Dr. Santosh Dhage honoured with a Silver medal for presenting a paper on the topic – Natural Bypass Therapy – Wonderful non-invasive treatment by Maharshi Vedic Foundation, Nepal and Sarbian Ayurvedic Association of Europe.
  •  Dr. Santosh Dhage has honored by the “Panacea International Excellence Award” in Colombo in 2012 for his excellent work in ayurveda industry.
  •  In 2009 and 2013, Dr. Santosh Dhage has awarded by the national award called “Uttam Rugna Chikitsa” in Nashik, Maharashtra.
  •  Dr. Santosh Dhage has attended and given lectures in many prestigious conferences on ayurveda like International Ayurvedik conference conducted by Association of ayurvedik professionals America, International conference in 2012 in Colombo, national conference in 2016 in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.
  •  Dr. Santosh Dhage has also attended and given lectures on Heart diseases in many seminars which were conducted by doctors associations.
  •  Also, Dr. Santosh Dhage has conducted seminars in Pune, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Panchgani, Ratnagiri, Solapur, Karad, Roha, and Chiplun and given the speech on ‘Way to healthy heart’ topic.
Dr. Santosh Dhage


  • November 2016 he was invited for lecture on ‘Natural Bypass Therapy’
    (NBT) for International Ayurvedic Conference arranged by Association of Ayurvedic Professions America.
  •  April 2018, he was invited for lecture on the Natural Bypass Therapy for
    international conference arranged by Vedic foundation Nepal & Ayurvedic
    association of Europe, SERBIYA.
  •  He was invited to present the speech on ‘Natural Bypass Therapy’ (NBT) in
    “ Vishwa Ayurveda Parishad” held in Colombo, in 2012.
  • National conference held in kolhapur 2016, he was invited for lecture on
    ‘Natural Bypass Therapy’ (NBT).
  • He was invited on various TV Channels for interview on ‘Natural Bypass Therapy & Heart Diseases’.
  • His series of speeches on “Heart Diseases & Ayurveda” was aired on ‘All India Radio’ (Akashvani).
  • He has delivered over 200 speeches on topics related to ‘Ayurveda’ and
    Rejuvenation (Panchkarma)’.
  • He has also delivered many speeches in District-Level and State-Level
    seminars arranged by renowned doctors across the country